Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Knapps Landing Restaurant

Knapps Landing
   Knapps Landing "The Best View in Town"
   520 Sniffens Lane
   Stratford, CT. 06615 
   August 18

Out Of Five Stars
   Price/Value   **
   Quality         ***
   Service        ****
   Cleanliness  ****
   Atmosphere ****

What We Ordered
   First let me say that my husband and I were dining alone tonight.  It was a Saturday night and there was live entertainment.  I had wanted to sit outside on the dock with a view of the water, but they don't reserve seating areas only times.  However we had lucked out and were seated at a window with a better view than if we were on the dock.  It turned out to be perfect since people were smoking outside and I can't stand that.  He ordered the Scallops Gorgonzola $20...sea scallops sauteed with roasted peppers, mushrooms, spinach in Gorgonzola cream sauce.  Although the flavors were very good the execution of the dish was poorly done.  There was so much cream sauce that he had to pour some out into a bowl from our appetizer, it was difficult to enjoy the great flavor.  I ordered the King Lobster Roll &18...lobster meat poached in butter, served on a grilled soft roll.  It is one of there signature dishes.  Ive had better at D'angelos or subway.  Not a whole lot of lobster meat and could have used a little seasoning.  we also ordered an appetizer; Blackened Shrimp, Mushroom and Avocado Enchilada $13...Blackened shrimp, sauteed mushrooms, Monterrey jack cheese, avocado puree, rolled in 2 corn tortilla topped with cilantro cream sauce.  What we received was not in the description.  I found no avocado or cilantro instead there was rice on the bottom of the plate with lettuce and tiny specks of mushrooms.  A little disappointing.  The best part about our experience was the view!!

   For just the 2 of us we spent $54.  That's without the tip.    I believe that we paid for the view the atmosphere and their reputation

What we thought overall
  Luckily we made reservations since it was very busy.  The parking is inadequate since we saw people parking on the street.  We showed up just as someone was leaving so we were able to park close to restaurant.  The facility is not very big, but they make good use of the space.  they seem to do alot of business with lunch and dinner group packages.   We would certainly return to this restaurant if we could enjoy the same view.

Overall Score
  I think 3 and a half stars is fair for Knapps Landing Restaurant.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sakura Garden

Sakura Garden
Japanese Buffet/Fusion/ Bar
1201 Boston Post Rd Milford Ct
Saturday July,28

Out Of Five Stars
   Price/Value *****
   Quality ****

What We Ordered
   We all ordered the Buffet!!*****

  For a weekend night we paid $18.99 per adult, and for the young son of ours we paid by his height instead of age, lol!!  Since he is not too tall we paid half that of an adult, $9.50.

What We Thought Overall
   Well judging by the amount of stars we were sooo happy with all the food, as well as the entire restaurant.  The decor is very modern with clean lines.   The buffet runs the length of the restaurant, starting with an extensive sushi section.  At least 4 sushi chefs replenishing the amazing variety of sushi!  Then a cold salad section that includes clams and oysters on the halfshell, as well as cocktail shrimp and many varieties of seafood salads.  I cant forget to include the crab legs which judging by how fast they disappeared, were the most popular!!  After that a dessert station that had cupcakes (mini) and small bites and wedges of cakes.  Then finally the hot food section.  Several rice and pasta dishes, as well as tempura, whole fish wings, and ribs!!!
  There was hot soup, and cold ice cream that you could scoop yourself.  We were so impressed by the variety as well as the price.  we can't wait to go back.  My son really enjoyed serving himself the things he liked.  He tried a few new things too.

Overall Score Four and a Half Stars!!
   We highly recommend this restaurant to all families on a budget.  However I would teach little ones about using the tongs prior to getting to the buffet.  Twice I witnessed children going up to the bar and grabbing things with their fingers and then not actually taking it.  Yuck.  No manners!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Top Of The Falls

Top Of The Falls
Goat Island, Niagara falls State Park. Niagara Falls, NY.
Friday July 13 2012

Out of five Stars:
   Price/Value  **
   Quality        **
   Service       ***
   Cleanliness  *

What we ordered:
   Appetizer:  Buffalo wings  ****
   Dad: Cataract salad  ***
   Son:  Pizza ****
   Mom: Falafel burger *

   For 3 meals $78 plus tip!! 

What we thought overall:
   Prior to our visit to Niagara Falls, I did some research online about places to go and see as well as food to eat.  The website boasted that this "restaurant" was a 5 star place.  I have to say that the only thing worthy of 5 stars was the location and the view of the falls.
  Dad was pretty happy with his cataract salad, Niagara's take on a Cobb salad.  Most of the ingredients where fresh, the lettuce, egg, turkey, blue cheese, and guacamole.  The bacon bits where salty and fake tasting.
  Son also enjoyed his pizza.  Although it looked like it was simply reheated premade food.  Not freshly prepared and baked. 
   Mom was disappointed with her burger.  The bun was hard and doughy, the falafel tasted correct but the consistency was that of raw cookie dough.  Worst of all they put caramelized onions on it.  They did not belong and where too sweet like they added syrup or something.  The waitress asked if I would like fruit or fries with that, giving the impression that it was a choice of sides that go with the meal.  I chose the fruit and found it to be under ripe and was charged extra for a fruit bowl.
   When we where leaving, I witnessed a member of the kitchen staff scratching and digging in her hair, then with the same fingers wipe a plate of food.  A plate that was for a customer!!  Yuck!!  Also the menu and salt shaker had a substance upon them that my son described as boogers.

Overall score:  2 1/2 stars.
   We would not recommend this restaurant. It was too expensive for "cafeteria" style food.